My Great Grandmother's Advice

Great Grandma Smith, my sister Becky (on her lap)
and me in 1977.  

My Great Grandmother wrote a book.  Well actually my Aunts did.  They took all of my Great Grandmothers notes, advice and sayings and compiled them into a book called "Little Lights."  They even included some pages written in my Great Grandmother's own handwriting.

My Great Grandmother is my Father's Grandmother on his Father's side.  My Grandfather was one of her nine children.  She passed away in 1988 when I was 13 years old.  I have fond memories of visiting her while she lived in Rossmor.  

She lived an interesting and long life.  She was a school teacher, farmer's wife and mother of nine children.  She became a widow in 1966 and sold the family farm in 1969.  My father has memories of working on the farm.  

Where was this farm?  Do you know where the Brunswick Square Mall is in East Brunswick?  Yup, that was the farm.  Imagine what that land is worth now!

I was given a copy of the book back when I was in college and it was first published.  At the time I was too immature and self absorbed to know what they had given me.  I was organizing some of the boxes in my attic yesterday and I found my copy.  It truly is a treasure!

As I read through this book, I will post some of my Great Grandmother's wisdom, advice and wit.


  1. What a wonderful thing to have. Matt's family had huge farms in Sayreville, Freehold, Matawan and Old Bridge. I can't pass a spot in that area without knowing what it was and who owned it. Goodness his family lived in NJ since the late 1600s. I have letters my grandmother wrote my brothers and I before she passed away in 1979. I really need to copy them and put them in a book for us all to enjoy.

    Nothing like knowing your family and where you came from. Like this post VERY VERY VERY MUCH.


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