Confession Time

What can I do to mommy today?
Sometimes as a mom we do things that we wouldn't want to admit to get through each day.  Here are my confessions:

1. Sometimes I am so tired that I go to bed without brushing my teeth.

2. I still have a few maternity shirts in my closet and I still wear them.  I haven't been pregnant in a year!

3. I have gotten dressed for church, had a baby throw up on me and I didn't change into a different outfit. I am sure that everyone could smell me a mile away.

4. I have used the TV as a babysitter so that I can take a shower.

5. I watch "America's Super Nanny" because it makes me feel like a good parent when I watch the parents on the show.

6. I have a favorite child each day- it changes all the time but at the end of each day there is always a clear winner.

7. I have been known to leave the kids' jammies on all day.  OK, truth is I have been known to leave mine on all day too!

8. By the end of the summer, I am so ready for school to start!

9. I dream about going on vacation by myself- no hubby, no kids!

10. When I am at the mall, I look around at the other babies and think, "my baby is so much cuter than those babies."

What mommy confession will you share with us?


  1. Replies
    1. How much time is one allowed for confession?

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    3. Well, in Lent, you make an appointment, so its rather flexible. Anyway, I have a funny confession story about just that. I was sitting in church, in the middle of explaining this awful mess I had gotten myself into, and had been going for about an hour. The door opened, and the church secretary started motioning to the priest. He told me to stop talking, and the secretary walked up the aisle and whispered something in his ear and his eyes got big. Then she apologized to me and left (you're not supposed to be interrupted, its privileged communication and confidentiality is absolute). The priest goes "Alright, D---, (an old lady in choir) just died, so I need you to cut to the chase here..."
      In retrospect, its kind of funny. I had to cut it short because someone had died and he needed to get to the hospital and deal with her family. Reminds me of these lines from the burial office:

      "In the midst of life we are in death: of whom may we seek for succour, but of thee, O Lord, who for our sins art justly displeased?
      Yet, O Lord God most holy, O Lord most mighty, O holy and merciful Saviour, deliver us not into the bitter pains of eternal death.
      Thou knowest, Lord, the secrets of our hearts; shut not they merciful ears to our prayer; but spare us, Lord most holy, O God most mighty, O holy and merciful Saviour, thou most worthy judge eternal, suffer us not, at our last hour, for any pains of death, to fall from thee. "

      Anyway. Here's another funny confession story. It was Lent again, a year later. I had an appointment with a friend of mine who pastors a church about 30 miles west of the university where I work. I drove out there, accidentally leaving my wallet in my office, and by the time I got to the church, my tank was on empty and the fuel light was flashing, and after I confessed, I had to borrow $10 from the priest for gas money to get me back to my office.

      Anyway, does that answer your question?

  2. Wow. you sure covered alot of mine. i dont feel so bad now :) Here's mine -- I no longer give madison a bath every single day. I also stopped feeling guilty about it as well. whew. confession does feel better! Lol.. thanks for being honest, Amy. As moms, its great to know that we are human!!

    1. I am surprised it took you till she was 5 to stop giving her baths everyday. You lasted longer than I did! In the winter I let Sydney go every other day since she usually isn't sweaty and dirty since they don't play outside. In the summer she gets one almost everyday especially if she was swimming cause her hair turns green from the chlorine.

  3. You've already taken mine #9! That is such a wonderful thought. I voiced it to my family, and my daughter reacted like I was abandoning her for another family.
    I found your blog at the Mingle with us blog hop and I enjoyed my visit here. Thanks!

    Would love a visit


  4. So, wait...keeping your jammies on all day is a bad thing? My first thought is that you've saved the earth from that much more laundry...assuming, of course, that you figured there was no need to change into "clean" jammies before going to bed. Just sayin'...


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