Cheaters Never Prosper! Day 1

I challenged myself and any readers that want to join me to a 30 Day Organization Challenge.   When I wrote the challenge, I cheated a bit.  I made the first day an easy one.  I knew that organizing under our beds would be quick and simple.  There is really only one bed.  The babies are in cribs and there is nothing under them and Sydney has a bunk bed so there is nothing to organize there.  That leaves the bed in the master bedroom. 

Our bed is a king size so there is tons of room to hide things away under there.  I started by removing the things that had made there way under the bed.  I found a pair of Crocs, a stray throw pillow, a ball, a Woody from Toy Story doll and some lost socks.  So that is where all of the missing socks go!

I then started vacuuming all of the dust that had built up under there.  I guess I missed a sock because the vacuum suddenly lost all suction.  There seems to be a sock stuck in the vacuum hose.  I tried a wire coat hanger and a broom handle but I can't get the sock out!

Now I have to wait for Aaron to get home to see if he can get the sock out.  I hope that it doesn't mean that we need to buy a new hose or even a new vacuum.  I guess that I can declare Day 1 as a failure.  That is what I get for cheating!


  1. Great start Amy! ! Keep up the good work! :-)

  2. Oh my gosh, I'm so laughing my butt off at you!!!


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