Frugal Finds- A Dress Co op

Money is tight.  I think most families can relate to that especially with more tax money coming out of their paychecks this year.

I wrote in this previous post how I love to buy dresses for my little Ella.  I wrote about how I save tons of money by shopping at my favorite consignment shop.  Another way to add to those savings is to have a dress co-op.

My friend, Lindy, came up with the idea.  She and I were both pregnant at the same time.  We were actually due just a few days apart last spring.  Ella surprised us by arriving early so the girls ending up being a month apart.

With us both having girls so close in age and size, she suggested that we share the dresses that each bought- a dress co-op.  It has worked out really well so far.  

Ella wearing the dress for Christmas 

Today Emily wore a dress that my sister had hand smocked for Ella.  My sister made it roomy so that we could get some use out of it.  Since the girls both have the same first initial, my sister can even monogram a dress for my little E and Lindy's little E can use it too.

Emily wore the dress to church today.
When money is tight, you have to get creative!  Even if your financial situation is comfortable, why not save some cash by starting a dress co-op of your own?

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