Frugal Finds- Listia

I got the outfits in this picture for Ella and it cost me nothing!  

How did I do that?  I got them through an auction style called Listia.

It is a website like Ebay but you aren't paying with money, you are using credits.  Many of the auctions offer free or low cost shipping.  When you sign up, Listia gives you credits to make your first purchase.  After that you can earn credits by auctioning off your unwanted items.  It is like an online garage sale.

I get most of my credits my auctioning off points like Pampers Gifts to Grow, Huggies Rewards and Coke points.  I save the codes from those items and list them on Listia.  Poeple that are saving up on those sites to buy something special will give you credits for those reward codes.  It does not requireme eto ship anything since the codes can be emailed.

I also sell off things that have low cost shipping like books.  They can be mailed through media mail and I offer free shipping to the customer and get tons of credits that I use towards "buying" things I want.

Here are some more things that I got on Listia and paid nothing for them...

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  1. Thank you for this review/post. I never heard of this site before.


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