Can't Live WIth Them Can't Live Without Them

The word insurance is curse word around our house.   It makes both my husband and me cringe.   It is the no win situation.  

We are both super excited that my husband found a job- but as always, the medical benefits are a sticking point.  The company he works for only covers his medical benefits.  

So what are our choices?

1. We could just have coverage for him and the rest of the family goes without medical insurance.  We would not have any insurance cost but we would have to pay out of pocket for medical expenses for Sydney, Lucas, Ella and me.  My cancer visits and mammograms are expensive.  If my cancer were to return, we would have to pay out of pocket for surgery and radiation and/or chemo.  Ella has a milk allergy which requires her to drink prescription formula.  The formula alone costs $969.70 per month.

2. We could pay to add the four of us to Aaron's medical plan.  The cost for that is $1560 per month.  But if my cancer returned, it would be covered.

Aaron's old plan covers us until the end of February.  Even though Aaron will be working his new job on March 1st when this runs out, we won't be able to join his new plan.  There is a minimum 90 day waiting period for the new insurance to kick in.  

So our insurance cost looks like this...

March 1st pay COBRA at at rate of $1700 per month

April 1st pay COBRA at at rate of $1700 per month

May 1st Aaron will be covered and we will pay $1560 every month for the rest of the family to be covered.

For our family to have medical, it costs almost as much as our mortgage.  Does anyone else find this to be ridiculous?

I wish there was a simple solution.  Any ideas?

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  1. In PA kids can have their own health ins for free or a reduced rate, it depends on certain criteria. Not sure if NJ has the same plan, but you can look into it. Aaron would then only need to cover you.


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