Organization Challenge Day 3- YUCK!

You can read about my 30 Day Organization Challenge in this blog post.   You can read about Day 1 in this blog post.  You can read about Day 2 in this blog post. 

I completed Day 3 this afternoon.  Day 3's assignment was to clean and organize the fridge/freezer.  This time I kept my "assistant" in her high chair and let her supervise the job!

Here is the before picture.  I decided that it might be best to wait until this little "helper" was in his crib for a nap before I started the clean out.

I took out each drawer and shelf and wiped them out completely.  They were so disgusting!!!!  Yuck!!!!  I am so glad that I included the fridge in this challenge.  

This is all of the expired food that I found in the fridge.  Yuck!!!!

This is the finished project!! All clean and organized!!


  1. I swear you have the cutest kids EVER!!! So glad you're getting organized...its a great feeling, isnt it? Can i borrow your helpers?? :-)

  2. Very nice. This is on my list too.

  3. I really should start this with you, but I HATE cleaning the fridge!!!


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