Organization Challenge Day 2- Out of the Closet!

You can read about my 30 Day Organization Challenge in this blog post.   You can read about Day 1 in this blog post. 

I completed Day 2 this morning.  Day 2's assignment was to organize the closets in the playroom. As you can see in this picture

It is not always easy working with an assistant.  She is so curious.  That stockpile of toilet paper was just too tempting for her.

The closet on the left is Aaron's closet.  It contains some of his tools and the overflow small kitchen appliances that don't fit in the kitchen cabinets.  It doesn't look too bad.

The middle closet was organized last week.  You can see all of the before and after pictures in this blog post.

The closet on the right is for large toys overflow, extra blankets and my toilet paper and paper towel stockpile.  You can see my assistant hard at work.

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