My Love Hate Relationship With...


Why do I love Pinterest?  Isn't that obvious?   Have you seen it?   If you have no idea what I am talking about, check it out here.  Pinterest is an online bulletin board.  You "pin" ideas onto your "bulletin board."  You get to browse through millions of ideas and hold onto the ones that you like.  You can keep track of all the ideas that you see while on the internet.

Why do I hate Pinterest?  It is so addicting!!!  I sit down and think I will spend a minute or two browsing the ideas and end up pinning dozens!  If you are on Pinterest, you already know that the "see more pins" button is the worst!   Once you click it, you know you are in for the long haul!

Here is one of the Pinterest ideas where I had success.  This is a picture of the Pinterest version:

  This is a picture of how my version turned out:

Playdough Recipe can be found here.  Since I attempt to "keep it real" on this blog, I will also post my pinterest fails too!

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