30 Days to Organization- Day 6 Diaper Bags

The Old Diaper Bag

 Day 6 of the Organization Challenge was to clean out the diaper bags.   I had this black and pink diaper bag from Carters and it just wasn't cutting it.  It was too small to handle everything I needed for the two babies.  So I decided to get a bigger diaper bag.  

My new diaper bag

 I ordered this bag from Thirty-One.   A friend of mine sells Thirty One bags and I got this at a party and I love it!  I am going through a personalization phase so I love that this bag is monogrammed.

The bag is now nicely organized and has plenty of room to hold Lucas and Ella's coats when they take them off.  I saved the changing pad from the old diaper bag since this new bag didn't come with one.

Sydney asked if this post was about her and when
 I said no she jumped into the picture.

The bag has lots of outside pockets.  The side pockets are perfect for holding bottles and sippy cups.   When I am done with the diaper bag phase of life, these pockets will still come in handy if I use the bag for a beach bag or other fun things.

Since I have two babies in separate nurseries at church on Sundays, I have a small separate diaper bag for Lucas.  My new diaper bag has so much room that I can carry the little bag inside it until we get to church.  My mom bought these cute zipper pulls for their bags so that the nursery workers know that the bags belong to us.


  1. Sydney is tooo cute! Love that smile!

  2. like the new bag better

    visit here

  3. Replies
    1. The Thirty-One bag is the Super Organizing Tote which is now retired. It was replaced by a similar sized bag called the All Day Organizing Tote. I decided to sell Thirty-One myself after buying so many of their bags so if you would like a catalog or more info my website is www.mythirtyone.com/adelmanto


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