My Pintastic Effort

The Original Pinterest Example
I decided to try my hand at one of the St Patrick's Day Ideas that I found on Pinterest. I think that my version turned out pretty well! 

So how did I do it?

I used the template that was suggested in the original Pinterest post.  If you decide to attempt this yourself, keep in mind that you will need to shrink the original template in half.  I printed the shamrock "as is" and it was way too large.  

You need to find an old book to use as a background for the banner.  I had a bunch of books that I have been meaning to give away.  I used the largest one I could find.  In order for the shamrock to fit on the printed part of each page, I needed to shrink the original shamrock.  

I used the shamrock as a template and traced it onto scrap green paper that I already had in my collection.   I recently gave away a giant jar of buttons so I realized that I did not have white buttons to use.  I remembered that I had an old shirt upstairs.  When we have shirts that are stained or beyond repair, I give them to my husband or my dad to use as rags.  I  grabbed a white shirt and cut the buttons off before I tossed it back in the give away bag.  From now on I will keep the buttons before I "toss" the shirt.

The example on Pinterest featured twine and I did not have any that matched exactly so I searched my fiber collection and decided that white would be a good substitute.

Since I didn't have a green barn door to hang it on, I settled for the banister in the front entryway.

I think that my version turned out pretty well! 
My attempt plus a little intruder


  1. Love the little intruder :-)

  2. Very cute!! I think it turned out well!!

  3. It turned out great! Speaking of which, I still have your container of buttons.


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