Pinterest Fun for Lucas

Have I mentioned lately how much I LOVE Pinterest?  

I have been using Pinterest a lot for Ella but this week I focused some projects for my 2 year old, Lucas.  

On Thursdays Lucas attends Puggles class which is a 2 year old class in Awana at our church.  My friend, Lindy, leads the class and she said they were learning that God made the animals.  She was going to review colors and animals by reading "Brown Bear, Brown Bear" By Eric Carle.   I wanted to make a game for them to play, enter Pinterest.  After a simple search, I found this printable matching game.  You can print your copy on this website.  I laminated them so that they can be used over and over.

At home, I have been working on the alphabet with Lucas.  We are trying to learn the names of the letters.  I am allergic to traditional Play Doh so I searched Pinterest for some alternatives.  You can read the recipe I used in this blog post.  We pulled out our Letter Shaped cookie cutters and Lucas went to town.

I can never be bored as long as there is Pinterest.  There is an unending number of projects on the site.  You can follow me on Pinterest by clicking on the button on the right hand side of this blog.

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