The Terrible Twos

There is no denying it- my son Lucas is cute.  

Those dimples are irresistible! 
 Don't let them fool you!  Lucas is a handful!  

Here are a few examples that I caught on camera.

Standing on the kitchen table
 at 18 months old.

One his many injuries- 
He is so active!

He loves to get dirty.

His smile as he is told that
he can leave time out

Don't let the sweet smile fool you-
That is paper in his mouth!

Lately, we are struggling with his discipline.  He tries to push the limits as far as he can.  We went through the terrible twos with my daughter Sydney. She is also strong willed but it is so much different with Lucas.  

Does anyone have any suggestions that work with a 2 year old that you would like to share?  


  1. You won't remember the terrible two's during the terrible three's. I honestly don't remember how I survived. Probably the occasional glass of wine. I found your blog through the Mingle with us Blog Hop and am now following via GFC.


  2. Fasten your seatbelt; I found that 3 was more challenging than 2. She's nearly 17 now, though, and I'd give anything for those little problems. Your son is adorable. I'm visiting from the blog hop; stop by and see me at ...

  3. I found Dr. James Dobson's book -The Strong Willed Child extremely helpful. I noticed quick results after I followed his advice.

  4. Amy--prayer! The power of prayer will get you through the toughest of moments because as cute as they are it is really hard work, especially with a strong willed. Julia was mine and age 3 was very difficult...we came through it okay, but it's because I asked specific people at church (Dorothy and Rich Haines to name a few) to pray for us. I will pray for you guys. You and Aaron are a great team! Also, I found that structure and challenging activities (and visiting the park and library often) really helped. Usually strong willed children are so bright and it takes a lot to keep them busy and occupied!


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