Thriving on a Tight Budget- Holiday Decor

I love to decorate my house throughout the year.  Since my kids are a whopping 1/8 Irish, I feel obligated to decorate the house for St Patricks Day.  Decorating can be expensive.  I love the look of the picture above but I can't justify spending money on something that is only out for a few weeks out of the year.

How do you decorate for a holiday when you want to spend little or no money?

1. Use Your Child's Artwork

Sydney made this in Preschool

There are two benefits to using your child's artwork as decor.  First, it is a completely FREE way to decorate.  Second, it is so fun to look at the artwork through the years.  Sydney loves it when I pull out her old work.  She laughs at how she used to color.  She gets excited when she see that she is a much better writer now that she was just a year ago.

She wrote this last year in first grade

When the kids make something at school, it usually comes home after the holiday is already over.  The teacher takes the artwork  off of the bulletin board and sends it home with the kids.  It is too late to hang it up for this year.  Save all of your decor in one place so that you remember to hang it up next year.   I keep all of Sydney's in those useless drawers in my china cabinet.

2. Free Printables

You need to make Pinterest your best friend.  There are so many cute and FREE printables.  It will only cost you the ink and paper that it takes to print them.  If you decide to frame the printable for a more classy look, I suggest looking for inexpensive frames at garage sales, thrift shops or use a coupon for a craft store.

3. Make It Yourself

This is my last resort since it takes the most time and effort.  Some projects are inexpensive but watch your budgets because sometimes making it costs more than buying it.  I can't say it enough, start your love affair with pinterest!

Good Luck Decorating on a budget!  Click on the pictures for the links.  Don't forget to share your great decorating ideas on Pinterest!  

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